Battlefield 3 punkbuster not updating

Posted by / 29-Sep-2016 10:40

I have never had this problem happen with any other games though.Could there be a program stealing focus away from this one game for some reason? This computer is only a few months old and I use it exclusively for gaming so I don't think spyware or a virus would be the issue.Can anybody tell me what this error code is: 79724 I don't know why it's suddently started to kick me.Normally Punk Buster keeps itself updated while you play your favorite game.I'm having a very annoying problem with Battlefield 3.

For a complete description of the pbucon feature, please see our Punk Buster UDP Console manual.

Electronic Arts has issued the first patch for Need for Speed: Pro Street, updating to v1.1 the PC version of the latest installment in the popular Need for Speed series (thanks: The Patches Scrolls).

This patch introduces multiplayer game play in a standalone LAN environment.

ive tried everything else including manually updating pb and uninstalling everything , ccleaner , reinstall all 21GB welcome to 7am in uk .weekend gone trying to get bf3 going pfff!

[im an ex IT network engineer -so i know my way round!

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The pbucon utility can be downloaded below: Starting in January of 2004, Punk Buster Server Admins have the option of using the new PB MD5Tool facility to check the digital signatures of files and/or portions of files in each player's game directory and child sub-directories during game play.