Catholic women dating muslim men

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Theologican Robert Hater, author of the 2006 book, “When a Catholic Marries a Non-Catholic,” writes: “To regard mixed religion marriages negatively does them a disservice.They are holy covenants and must be treated as such.” A marriage can be regarded at two levels – whether it is valid in the eyes of the church and whether it is a sacrament.Now, about 30 percent of Jews are married to someone outside the faith.American Muslims are going through a similar transition, one that could profoundly change the Muslim experience in the United States.YOU will find, when you die, that that part of you that you gave to others will NOT die with you. Is it those beautiful black tents you have to wear, the change of your status to mere "property", or the chance to wear an exploding vest? If you both become Christians, then your marriage will be blessed by God.May God bless you all, and please forgive me and pray for me, so that I find my true love. As far as a sinner blesing your marriage, that is not possible, for a non Christian cannot impart Christian blessings.Like tens of thousands of Canadian Muslims, Amina Ali is tormented by her religion’s marriage rules.Islam, now the second largest religion in Canada, teaches that it is sinful for Muslim women, but not Muslim men, to marry outside the faith.

If not, would we be able to get our marriage blessed by the Pope?

Note: Multi-faith Metro Vancouver is a place of high rates of intermarriage and inter-ethnic dating. 4, 1997 Column: Douglas Todd The murder this week by Muslim fundamentalists of 11 women in Algeria who refused to wear veils was another shocking example of how the struggle between religious fundamentalism and gender equality can play out in some authoritarian Islamic countries.

With Muslims now comprising the second largest religion in Canada, I’m re-posting this piece in response to interest from non-Muslim men and women who are finding themselves falling for Muslims. The consequeneces for Muslim women in Canada who choose not to adhere to the strict tenets of their faith are less severe, certainly less violent, but they still exist, especially when the issue is marriage.

Ali and another Muslim woman, Tannis (a pseudonym), agreed to talk about the Muslim marriage double-bind in a Victoria apartment, while their children played in the background. Or they marry non-Muslim men, which Islam judges a grave sin.

Barefoot in a green polka-dot dress, Ali is a vivacious, naturally outgoing person. Professor Yvonne Haddad, a prominent Islamic scholar at the University of Massachussets, says that Canadian census figures, which are far more detailed than U. census data, reveal the extent of the marriage threat to North America’s roughly two million Muslim women.

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One day I will get back to this point to tell you my own story (if you are interested of course).