Doctor patient dating laws

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Doctor patient dating laws

Boundary violations can range from the obvious – engaging in sexual activity with a patient – to other transgressions, such as relationships with someone close to a patient, peer-to-peer relationships or those with other health care practitioners.

While crossing these boundaries is not always a disciplinary matter, they may call into question your professionalism.

The AMA says: "Sexual contact that occurs concurrent with the physician-patient relationship constitutes sexual misconduct.An Oregon physician has medical, legal and ethical obligations to his or her patients.In light of these obligations, it is the policy of the Oregon Medical Board that: 1.The court held that “in the absence of an express agreement by the physician to treat a patient, a physician’s assent to a physician-patient relationship can be inferred when the physician takes an affirmative action with regard to the care of the patient” [4].A patient-physician relationship was formed because the physician took an affirmative action in rendering an opinion on the course of the patient’s care.

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Like the AMA, Colorado doesn't specify how long after a romantic relationship ceases a medical one might begin, stating only that they must not be "concurrent." Other states address — or do not address — this issue with varying degrees of explicitness.