Metaphor of baseball and dating us dating reality tv series

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The metaphor can of course be extended, but most extensions of the metaphor, you're going to just have to explain your literal meaning anyway (the extended metaphors in the XKCD strip are in no way standard). I'm sure one of the other Dutch dopers will be here with a whole slur of metaphors I'd totally forgotten.

When I was a teenager we occasionally used the "bases" analogy, presumably stolen from American teen comedies. According to Robin Schobosky, a fictional Canadian on How I Met Your Mother, they (ie Canadians) use a hockey analogy (I'm sure Canadians don't, but the writers love to make Canada jokes through her character.) According to her, the blue line is kissing, the red line is getting naked, and "in the crease" speaks for itself.

Home run (or rounding the bases, scoring a run, hitting a home run, scoring, going all the way, coming home, etc.) is the act of penetrative intercourse.

For the visual-oriented among us, here’s a graphic (adapted from XKCD’s complex version): I can understand that a country little love for baseball might be confused by this metaphor system. However, some people in China have picked it up, but in the process changed the system: 4.

"Margo finally let her boyfriend get to shortstop, but she used way too much lotion and he came on her shirt." "We finally reached home base last night!

Among the most commonly used metaphors are the bases describing levels of physical intimacy (generally from a heterosexual perspective).

When she mentioned they'd gone to second base, we all had different ideas about what it involved.

I'd love to get your input on the bases-as-sex definitions. Here are the generally agreed upon basics: Whenever I chat about this topic (which is really quite often) there's always a bit of disagreement when it comes to second and third.

That is, if you're "playing" in the minors, your bases would refer to the bolded list above.first: the first step in a sexual relationship kissing with an open mouth or using tongue (french kissing) first and a half base: under the shirt, bra still on second: one step up from first base, heavy petting and feeling up while making out,direct oral or manual stimulation of a partner's breast/nipple, up the shirt or shirtless for both partners.shortstop: in baseball, the shortstop is the field position between second and third base.Going to the full-court press can lead to that first date, or turning someone off.You have to choose when to employ it or else you can get burned.

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