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, Dexter’s sister on the show is played by Carpenter (poorly I might add).

So to see them dating in real life is a real buzz-kill.

Eventually the two fell in love.” Showbiz Spy reports that Hall, 39, seems fine, despite his marriage being over and the impossibly awkward situation on set as he works with both his new love and his wife.

A source told the gossip site that earlier this week: “Michael was checking out Julia’s butt, He was fixated. You would never tell his marriage had just collapsed.” Some Dexter fans may not be happy about the news especially since Hall was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and is now in remission, with his wife having supported him throughout the illness.

But nobody seems to want to ask that question for some reason. Hall still talks glowingly about Dexter, and he is still providing the same rote answers he offered before the season.

But, while reporters haven’t been willing to hold Michael C.

Hall, and his onscreen sister, Jennifer Carpenter, were lawfully wed on New Year’s Eve, according to Hall’s rep, Craig Bankey. Hall, 37, and Carpenter, 29, plan to appear together at this year’s Golden Globes Awards on Sunday.

PEOPLE last caught up with Carpenter at the Emmys in September, where she answered the question, Who’s the sexiest man alive?

Sources tell TMZ Jennifer will file divorce papers this week, possibly tomorrow.He and Jennifer started dating, and got married in 2008; sadly, they split up in 2010 and are now divorced. While at the Farewell to Dexter event at the Paley Center, an audience member boldly asked Michael and Jennifer, "How was it working together after divorce?"The fact that Jennifer and I worked through whatever was going on with us personally in the way we did and maintained our commitment to telling this story was never in question. Just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love did. Hall is making the talk-show rounds a little this week, out in support of his new movie, Kill Your Darlings, with Daniel Radcliffe.I thought it would be a great opportunity for talk show hosts to, you know, ask him what he thought about the reception of the terrible final season of Dexter, and get his thoughts on the negative response.

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