Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

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A good, solid XML document will have a valid schema to validate against. There are several online tools that can help generate a template of the schema from a sample XML document, like this one.Visual Studio provides full intellisense for building out your schema.You can choose to actually publish the schema to a website for validation if it’s an “open schema.” If it’s closed and you are simply using it for internal validation, then it makes sense to embed as a resource.A best practice is to validate your method parameters before acting on them.For a comprehensive list of features in each edition, visit the XMLSpy Edition Comparison.

To run an add-in developed using new and updated API and add-in manifest features, your customers must be running Office 2013 SP1 or later version on-premises products, and where applicable, Share Point Server 2013 SP1 and related server products, Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1), or the equivalent online hosted products: Office 365, Share Point Online, and Exchange Online.

Although plain text, XML isn't just some unstructured mess of data.

It follows a purposeful structure and thus information can be expected to be where you think it is.

This works great if the XML file follows the same structure for each tag representing a card having a Card tag.

Inside that with the Player tag, the Name, Team, Year and Card Company all within the appropriate level.

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One way to store information in a hierarchical way is in a XML file.

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